Game-breaking Fortnite exploit makes players immune to storm damage

Eli Becht

A game-breaking Fortnite bug has been discovered that allows players to hang around in the storm without taking damage, providing an easy victory.

Since the launch of Fortnite Chapter 2, there have been a few major bugs that have come out that will let players easily level through their Battle Pass.

The first one lets players collect an endless amount of experience by visiting the four bridges around the map, and this second one will let players collect free wins if they don’t care about their dignity.

EPIC GAMESSlurpy Swamp has a yummy exploit.

This exploit allows players to survive in the storm without losing any health, so they’ll be able to just hang back while the circle closes without taking any damage whatsoever. 

Many players have already been running into these exploits, meaning the word is spreading and Epic will have no choice but to address this one quick.

Twitter page FNBRHQ posted a video on how to perform the exploit, revealing just how easy it is.

All you have to do is land in the Slurpy Swamp and run into a wall where you’ll then be given a constant regeneration of your health.

It turns out that the water in this swamp is more powerful than it seems. This is definitely an unfortunate glitch to have in the game as it’ll be very frustrating to lose to somebody performing this exploit.

Twitter user swashintv captured the final moments of their game, showing a second-place finish thanks to the glitch.

The developers have their hands full with these latest exploits and we hope fixes will be on the way in the near future.

At the time of writing, Epic have not addressed the issue but it’s going to become increasingly more difficult to ignore this one as it continues to happen.

Be on the lookout for a hotfix in the future if Epic decides to address these two bugs.