SypherPK claims no building mode can save Fortnite from Apex and Warzone competition

SypherPK in FortniteSypherPK/Epic Games

Ali ‘SypherPK’ Hassan has shared his opinions on Fortnite’s no building mode, giving insights into how it could change the game’s future. 

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 kicked off with building being temporarily removed from the game. While this aspect certainly helped distinguish Epic Games’ BR from other titles, many Fortnite players have enjoyed the shakeup. 

In fact, Ninja, Tfue, and NickEh30 have all demanded that the mode remain a permanent feature. Even Dr Disrespect chimed in to say the mode was “fun” and that he thought it was something he’d never say about Fortnite. 

Now, long-time player Ali ‘SypherPK’ Hassan has given his verdict on the no building mode that is currently taking the Fortnite community by storm. 

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SypherPK shares his views on Fortnite no building mode

announcement poster for Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2Epic Games/ HypeX
The Fortnite no building mode could drastically change the shape of the game.

After spending hours streaming Fortnite’s no building mode, SypherPK finally revealed his thoughts on the temporary feature.

“What if this is a way for [Epic Games] to test the game without building, and it just goes f*cking nuts? I’m excited, I’m actually thinking right now, that this is like a new game,” explained the streamer. 

For years, Fortnite players have wanted the devs to add a mode that removes all building aspects of the game. Despite these pleas, Epic has never ventured into this territory – until now. With the temporary removal of the building mechanic, it’s clear that many content creators are keen for this feature to stay. 

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“They’re releasing a new Fortnite, am I high?,” laughed SypherPK. “If this test goes well, there’s going to be a mode like this that’s permanent. Think of it like this, Fortnite without building is a very subpar game. At its core, the gunplay is very basic and the movement is nothing compared to other games as it relies on building.”

Despite this, SypherPK believes that the recent additions of the Tactical Sprint, recharging Overshield, and potential parkour mechanics will enable there to be a version of Fortnite without building. 

“This would make Fortnite playable for everyone who quit in Chapter 1 because they fell behind in builds and don’t want to go into Creative and grind building,” said the content creator. He also noted that more Warzone and Apex Legends players would likely give Fortnite a go. 

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“These are intelligent moves [Epic Games] are making. They’re trying to capture the people who left or the people who will never come in because of building, and they’re doing this massive test.”

It’s certainly an exciting prospect and many Fortnite fans will be hoping the no build mode remains a permanent feature in the future.