Pacsun partners with SypherPK’s Metal Umbrella for exclusive apparel collection

Pacsun and Metal Umbrella collabPacsun / Metal Umbrella

Professional Fortnite player and Twitch streamer SypherPK is officially collaborating with Pacsun to create some of the first streamer-founded clothing to be sold in physical retail stores.

This is not the first time SypherPK has released popular apparel. In August 2021 his brand, Metal Umbrella released its first collection ‘Too Young To Worry’. The collection featured subtle designs based on his favorite cultures and streetwear.

SypherPK told Dexerto that when making the apparel his aim was “to create something that could stand on its own but is supported by me, and my fans know this is my project.” Therefore, the designs were simply subtle nods to the streamer’s brand as a whole.

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Pacsun collab with Metal UmbrellaPacsun / Metal Umbrella

This is precisely what he’s done with his new collection, only this time it will be available in physical retail stores thanks to the collaboration with Pacsun.

Similar to his original collection, the apparel is based on his passion for Japanese culture. Using this inspiration, both SypherPK and Pacsun have created a series of six unique designs imprinted on t-shirts, long-sleeved tops, and hoodies. The design boasts a bold yet comfortable styling of Asian streetwear, molded from anime, far-east mythology, and SypherPK’s own brand logo.

If you’re looking to grab some of the Metal Umbrella apparel, you will find it in 25 Pacsun stores which include locations like San Diego, Austin, and Los Angeles.

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They will range from between $30 and $60. But there are only a limited amount of items from its release (October 6, 2022) so you’ll need to purchase them while stocks last.