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Surprise team dominates $10,000 Code Red Fortnite Duos tournament – recap, final standings, and info

Published: 22/Feb/2019 19:06 Updated: 23/Feb/2019 1:54

by Albert Petrosyan


BoomTV’s latest Code Red Fortnite tournament has come to a close with compLexity Gaming pro players Michael ‘Hogman’ Hogman and Mack ‘MackWood’ Aesoph finishing in first place.

This week’s Code Red Fortnite tournament was played on February 22 and featured some of the biggest names in competitive Fortnite battling it out for a share of the $10,000 prize pool.

Prior to reading up on the results, make sure to take a look through the ‘Format and Rules’ section below, as this week’s tournament featured a brand new format in place of its usual ‘total of two kill races.’ 


Seeing as the field of competitors in the Code Red tournament was full of some of the most successful players in competitive, such as NICKMERCS, Vivid, NateHill, and others, it came as a slight surprise at how dominant the compLexity Duo were in winning this event.


Hogman and Mackwood were more than impressive coming out the gates, finishing the first of six matches with 11 eliminations and the Victory, earning 18 points.

CompLexity captain Hogman, and his org-mate Mackwood, dominated the tournament from start to finish.

They stagnated a bit in rounds two and three before ripping off 13 eliminations and another Victory Royale in round four, climbing all the way to 38 points. Round five saw them pile on another eight points and a match victory, entering the final round with 53 points, 23 more than the second place team.

Their final point tally was at 56, more than good enough to secure the $5,000 first place prize as it was a whopping 32 more than the 24 points than the second-place Duo of Ghost Gaming’s Innocents and Assault got, who themselves took home $2,500.


The rest of the top-five was rounded off with Ghost’s Saf and NRG Esports’ Zayt getting 23 points for third place, ThreshFPS and InspyreFN coming in fourth with 17 points, and Arckite and TopGun’s 14 points good for fifth.  

You can see the rest of the final leaderboard of the February 22 Code Red tournament on the event’s main webpage


Taking advantage of the new custom matchmaking that has been made available in Fortnite, Code Red have steered way from their traditional “total of two kill race” format in favor of a new system.

This new format featured 45 Duos playing six matches against each other on a custom server, three on NA-West and three on NA-East.


The scoring system was based on both match placements and elimination totals:

  • Victory Royale: 3 Points
  • 2nd-3rd Place: 2 Points
  • 4th-5th Place: 1 Point
  • 6 Eliminations: 10 Points

Big Bonus: After 6 Eliminations, 1 Point will be added to each elimination.

The above is the total amount of points the Duo received. Example:

  • 4-5th with no Elims = 1 Point
  • 4-5th with 6 Elims = 11 Points


This week’s Code Red tournament featured 45 total Duos, about half of them consisting of pro players and content creators and the other half of players who qualified via the online qualifiers.

Some of the prominent Duos include 100 Thieves’ NICKMERCS and Kenith, Ghost Gaming’s Aydan and FaZe Clan’s Thiefs, Team Liquid’s Vivid and Chap, Team SoloMid’s Myth and Clouds, and many others.


The full list of players and Duos has been provided below, along with a link to their Twitch or YouTube livestream. 

Player Link to Stream
1 replays
1 NickEh30
2 Aydan
2 thiefs
3 pearlbtw
3 chroniccented
6 natehill
6 Funkbomb
7 hogmanlolz
7 colmackwood
8 Kenith
9 vivid
9 chap
10 Symfuhny
10 snood
11 tsm_clouds
11 TSM_Myth
12 Kaysid
12 thegeneral
13 CowboyFN
13 Herrions
14 tennp0
14 yelo
15 fuzzy301
15 clipz
16 Psalm
16 SpaceLyon
17 xilFN
17 HighDistortion
18 wildcat
19 innocents
19 AssaultSZN
20 joelbtw
20 pika
21 maximoe
21 jaeyung_
22 buckefn
22 whysolavish
23 puffinkhronic
23 brokenskillzfn
24 reverse2k
24 heyimheart
25 blastawarrior
25 vyxioi
26 arckite
26 topgun
27 diddytheboy
27 dankline
28 clyfen7
28 aethne
29 stripperr
29 rokylll
30 threshfps
30 inspyrefn
31 jaylogan
31 jacobiefn
32 knownasjt
32 th3pacifist
33 kubafn_
33 dabbedoutfn
34 fnjinx
34 nurmacy
35 nixxxay
35 zerobbq_
36 feitanlive
36 prestivent
37 clawizm
37 elyfn
38 hydrafn_
38 idealfn
39 undar789
39 xoonies
40 safaroonie
40 zayt
41 typicalgamer
41 Exoph


After the six matches are played, the top five ranked Duos based on total points were awarded prizes based on the following breakdown:

  • Total: $10,000 USD
  • 1st: $5,000 
  • 2nd: $2,500 
  • 3rd: $1,250 
  • 4th: $750
  • 5th: $500