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Surprise Fortnite update fixes three major problems in battle royale mode

Published: 16/Jan/2019 14:56

by Calum Patterson


Epic Games have released a surprise hotfix for Fortnite Battle Royale on Wednesday, January 16, addressing three problems which players will be overjoyed to see resolved.

Fortnite already received a massive update on January 15, with the release of patch V7.20, which added new weapons, map changes and the return of glider redeploy as an item.

It appears that not everything was ticked off from Epic’s to do list however, as a client update has been rolled out the following day, with three very specific fixes.

The first addresses an issue which in fact seems to have been caused inadvertently by the V7.20 update, as players started noticing that trap selection was faulty.

When trying to select a trap, players were sometimes taken to wall selection instead, but Epic have been quick to address this issue, which would have been very annoying if it had persisted.

Secondly, they have also addressed an issue which has been prevalent for some time. Labelled ‘ghost peeking’, players were able to gain a significant advantage when peeking out of cover using a scoped weapon, as they could shoot over the cover without the head/body of their character being exposed.

Shots would not be blocked by cover when scoped in, but if the player scoped out again, the weapon would no longer be able to fire over cover, as shown in the clip below.

Epic haven’t given any details as to how exactly they have fixed this issue, so players will need to jump into a match and get a feel for the adjustments. It was even more pertinent given they just added a new scoped pistol to the game too.

The third and final change is a less significant one, but will be good news for players who use the ‘Scythe’ (a.k.a ‘reaper’) harvesting tool. The signature scythe sound was changed to the standard pickaxe noise in the V7.20 update, again perhaps inadvertently, but Epic has now reversed this change.

Given the update is so small in size, there is no downtime necessary, but players will need to perform a download to have the new settings in place.

The same download will be available later on January 16 for Nintendo Switch, although Epic has not given a precise time.


How to watch Fortnite’s J Balvin Afterlife Party: Event time & rewards

Published: 31/Oct/2020 16:12

by Connor Bennett


Epic Games have confirmed that a Fortnitemares Afterlife Party event with J Balvin is set to rock the Main Stage in Party Royale. Here’s what you need to know.

Over the years, as Fortnite has grown more and more in popularity, Epic Games have teamed up with TV shows, movies, and musicians for a number of live events. 

This has included everything from something as simple as a DJ playing a few songs from their living room to showing off new trailer for a Star Wars movie. Though, it’s stretched all the way to Travis Scott having a jaw-dropping concert live event too. 

With Fortnitemares now being live, the next event will involve Colombian artist J Balvin debuting a new song during an ‘Afterlife’ concert. So, here’s everything you need to know. 

What time is the J Balvin event in Fortnite?

Just like a number of other events in Fortnite, there will be an initial showing before a number of encore shows so that everyone has the chance to get involved. 

The initial J Balvin show will get underway on Saturday, October 31st at 9 pm EDT/1 am GMT/6 pm PDT and 2 am CEST. Though, if you miss the live showing, there will be two other showings.

The first replay, according to Epic, will happen a day later on Sunday, November 1st at a much reasonable time for European fans – 1 pm EDT/6 pm BST/10 am PDT and 7 pm CEST. The second replay will be five hours later on the same day. 

How to get J Balvin Party Trooper Fortnite skin

While these events have, sometimes, given all players free rewards, the J Balvin event will be a little different. 

Instead, anyone who owns the Party Trooper skin that attends the Afterlife Party will unlock an exclusive J Balvin style. However, you don’t have to wear the skin to the event to unlock it, you just have to own it. 

Screenshot of the J Balvin Fortnite skin style for Party Trooper
Epic Games
Party Trooper skin owners will get an exclusive J Balvin style for attending the event.

Where to find the J Balvin event in Fortnite

If you want to watch the event, as we’ve already noted, it’ll happen inside Party Royale. That’s slightly different to the usual Battle Royale and Creative modes. 

To access it, you’ll want to select the Party Royale game mode in the lobby screen and then search when the event goes live in the menus. Be sure to get in early for the live showing as you don’t want to miss out!

  1. Load up Fortnite
  2. Enter the Battle Royale lobby screen but change the playlist to Party Royale
  3. Search for a game and wait
  4. Once inside, head over to the Main Stage area on the east of the island and enjoy!
Fortnite's party royale map
Epic Games
The Main Stage is where you’ll be able to find the Fortnite music events.

Obviously, you won’t be able to drop in and watch the show until the date and time that Epic has revealed, so don’t try and get involved too early. 

If you manage to get in, though, make sure to enjoy it and get involved with the party.