Solo Showdown Invite ‘Secret_Domentos’ Wins the $500K Fortnite ‘Summer Skirmish’ Week Four Day Two Tournament – Recap, Highlights, and Final Placements

Another Solo Showdown performer has beaten out the top names in the world of Fortnite streaming.

Secret_Dementos secured an invite through the Solo Showdown and took home first place in the Week 4 Day 2 edition of the Fortnite Summer Skirmish.

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NotVivid won the Friday tournament from a Solo Showdown invite as well.

Before reading the rest of the recap, make sure to brush up on the scoring format for this week’s competition:

Hold the Throne

The first player to reach 8 or more points by the end of the competition wins. Victory Royales and Eliminations in this competition will be scored to determine placement at the end of the event. The player with the most eliminations in a single match will “Hold the throne” and hold a bonus point until dethroned.

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  • Victory Royale: +2 Points
  • 2nd and 3rd Place: +1 Point
  • 4 or more Eliminations: +1 Point
  • Hold the Throne (Most Eliminations in a Single Match): +1 Point, $50,000

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It was Gentside Thevic who rushed out to an early lead, holding 7 of the 8 required points for victory after only a few matches. 

However, those would be the only points scored for Thevic the rest of the day, allowing the field to catch up.

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Secret_Domentos was able to take advantage of Gentside Thevic slowing down, passing him and becoming the first to 8 points. Secret_Domentos eliminated BlaxTV in a tense 1v1 to finish off the tournament in match 9. Thevic would finish in second with 6 after losing the Hold the Throne Point, while RWL7 Proximastar finished in third place with 5. BlaxTV would’ve launched up the standings had he won the final 1v1, instead he had to settle for seventh with 4 points.

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The $50,000 bonus prize for most eliminations in a single match was split three ways. RWL7 Proximastar, the fifth place VP Jamside and the ninth place OblivionFN TTV all finished tied for the most elims with 7.

Secret_Domentos secured three Victory Royales in total on the way to first place.

Summer Skirmish Week 4 Day 2 Match Results

Summer Skirmish Week 4 Day 2 Final Placings

The Fortnite Summer Skirmish is an 8-week series of competitions where Epic Games will be awarding a total of $8 million in prize money. The competition features a variety of content creators, popular pro players, and top performers from previous in-game events.