Ninja Shuts Down Stranger Who Ambushes Him on Camera Saying Tfue is Better – “Go find Tfue then”

Calum Patterson

Ninja was out at the Lollapalooza festival in Chicago over the weekend of August 2-4, meeting up with same of fans in person and playing Fortnite on the biggest stage.

However, not everyone he met was a ‘fan’, such as one festival-goer who stuck a camera in his face just to tell him “I think Tfue is better” – but Ninja handled it well, like a true internet celebrity.

Ninja rocketed to internet fame over the course of the past year, thanks to his dominance at the top of Fortnite streaming on Twitch, which has seen him gain tens of millions of followers and game with Drake and Travis Scott.

But, as comes with the territory, he has also gained plenty of ‘haters’ too, which can be the hardest thing to deal with when becoming as popular has Ninja has so fast.

He is taking it in his stride however, ignoring or laughing off offensive social media comments on Twitter and YouTube, and now even in real life too.

A Twitter user posted a video of him meeting Ninja at the festival, asking him “who’s better, you or Tfue?”

Ninja replies that he doesn’t answer those kind of questions, before the heckler says “I think Tfue is better.” Without hesitation, Ninja retorts “good for you, go find Tfue.”

Turner “Tfue” Tenney is the FaZe Clan Fortnite player who many consider to be one of the best in the world at the popular battle royale game, winning numerous online tournaments for big cash prizes, often with his FaZe teammate Dennis “Cloak” Lepore.

Ninja and Tfue are often put up against each other in debates of who the best big name Fortnite streamers are. But as Ninja says in the above video “You never know man, it’s battle royale, it’s weird” – likely alluding the RNG and somewhat luck based gameplay.