How to scan a server at a Surface Hub for Fortnite Week 13 challenge

Daniel Megarry
Fortnite Surface Hub Server

One of Fortnite’s Season 5 Week 13 challenges requires you to scan a server at a Surface Hub. We’ve put together a location guide so you know exactly what to look for.

Each week, a new set of weekly challenges goes live in Fortnite to help keep the game fresh and ensure that players have enough chances to earn XP and level up their Battle Pass, unlocking skins and cosmetics in the process.

Some of these quests are easy, as they simply require you to deal damage with a specific weapon or visit a named location on the map. However, one Week 13 challenge asks you to scan a server at a Surface Hub.

Chances are, most players won’t know what a Surface Hub is, or how to scan a server – but you’ve probably already stumbled upon one of them by accident at some point during Season 5 without even realizing it.

What are Surface Hubs in Fortnite?

Fortnite Surface Hub
The inside of a Surface Hub in Fortnite Season 5.

As we mentioned before, if you’re an avid explorer of The Island, you might have come across a Surface Hub already. They’re the mysterious underground bunkers that have something to do with the Imagined Order.

There are three Surface Hubs in total that can be found on the map: One is under the ruins at Stealthy Stronghold, a second is under Colossal Coliseum, and a third can be found just outside Hunter’s Haven.

They’re pretty well hidden, but if you know where to look this quest shouldn’t be too difficult.

Fortnite server at a Surface Hub location

Colossal Colosseum
Head to Colossal Coliseum to complete this challenge.

We’re going to focus on Colossal Coliseum for this guide as it’s the nearest location to the center of the map, where you’ll be able to complete a few more Fortnite Week 13 challenges while you’re at it.

You’ll want to enter the Colossal Coliseum from the southern entrance, break through the big gate ahead of you with your pickaxe, then jump off the balcony onto the sandy area at the center of the POI.

Once here, there should be a door on your left that takes you back into the ground floor of the outer building. Break through this, and then break through the door directly ahead of that one, too.

Fortnite Colossal Colosseum Surface Hub
Break through this door to get to the Surface Hub in Fortnite.

You should now be faced with a set of stairs descending several floors into the ground. Follow them all the way down and you’ll emerge in the underground bunker, which is officially known as a Surface Hub.

There’s a set of short stairs opposite the sofas down here – climb them and open the door at the top. Inside this room, you’ll find the server, which you can interact with to complete the Fortnite weekly challenge.

Fortnite Colossal Colosseum Server
These are the servers you need to scan in Fortnite.

A bonus of completing this quest is that these Surface Hubs usually have some great loot in them, so it’s a good way to kick off a match.

Given the focus on the Zero Point and the Imagined Order in this week’s set of challenges, we wouldn’t be surprised if Epic Games are teasing a big live event for when Season 5 ends on March 15, 2021.

If you’re looking for more XP to max out your Battle Pass and unlock all the enlightened skins before Season 6 kicks off, check out our complete Fortnite Week 13 challenges guide.

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