Ridiculous Fortnite motorboat glitch could wipe your squad in seconds - Dexerto

Ridiculous Fortnite motorboat glitch could wipe your squad in seconds

Published: 9/Mar/2020 1:11

by Brad Norton


Fortnite’s motorboats are once again the subject of a new devastating glitch as entire teams can be taken out of commission due to an absurd bug that could strike at any moment.

Since Fortnite’s transition to a brand new physics engine with the 11.50 update, the popular battle royale title has been littered with frustrating and often lethal glitches that can end a run out of the blue.

From Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney phasing into a wall and instantly dying, to a number of glitches that have sent players sky-high, there’s never any shortage of new discoveries. However, entire teams can be wiped in the blink of an eye due to the latest bizarre issue.


Epic Games
You could be having a whale of a time on your motorboat before the glitch hits you.

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Surviving until the halfway point of the match with exactly 50 players left alive, Reddit user ‘Nozza123’ and their squad were enjoying a quick trip together on a motorboat.

Fully kitted out with an arsenal of rare loot and powerful gear, the crew was emoting through the map with seemingly all the confidence in the world.

As they rapidly approached land and looked to scavenge the next area however, disaster struck as the run was cut short and the team was instantly taken deleted from the match.

Well at least we now know never to build in front of boats! from FortNiteBR

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From dancing on top of the world to exploding into a huge pile of loot, three members of the squad vanished into thin air while one remaining player was given a few extra seconds under the map to take in the devastation before also being wiped.


“Well, at least we now know never to build in front of boats,” the caption read, as the players realized that a single ramp is what caused the vehicle to bug out and phase through the ground.

While they crashed through the first angled surface, the second put an end to their momentum before dropping the team through the floor without explanation. 

Epic Games
Motorboats could be the buggiest vehicles in Fortnite today.

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Not the first time that a motorboat-related issue has caused players to fall through the map, the vehicle can also phase through the world even when not in motion whatsoever.

Additionally, another frustrating bug has been having the opposite effect and forcing players into an underwater realm while perfectly dry and on land.