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Epic responds to bizarre Fortnite bug that forces players underwater

Published: 3/Mar/2020 0:06

by Brad Norton


A newfound issue in Fortnite has forced a response out of the developers at Epic Games, after players have been forced underwater despite being well above sea level in some cases.

While much of the conversation surrounding Fortnite’s major Season 2 update has centered around the controversial controller aim assist debate, a number of game-breaking issues and frustrating exploits have slipped through the cracks and become major talking points in their own right.

The latest issue amusingly forces players underwater, making it much more of a challenge to stay alive and take care of any opposition nearby.

Epic Games
Some diving gear might be needed to counter this hilarious Fortnite bug.

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A number of recent issues have seen both players and vehicles falling through the map and dying underneath. However, the latest issues appear to keep characters at ground level and simply give off the illusion that they are somehow underwater.

While early into a March 2 game, Reddit user ‘Smiffy0914’ found themselves at The Agency. A new addition in Season 2, this locale is found at the center of the battle royale map and is isolated from any other nearby landmass.

While crouching and turning their back to a wall once inside the central building, audio became muffled and their entire screen was overrun by a blueish tint as though they were swimming underwater. 


Underwater bug at the agency. I play on Xbox one X. Every time my back was against this wall it was like I was in the water. from FortNiteBR

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Transitioning in and out of the puzzling underwater realm, they outlined how the issue only rose to the surface when their back was against the wall and the camera was pressed up close to it.

This particular instance of the bug occurred while playing on the Xbox One X, however, others in the Fortnite community confirmed that they have also spotted the exact same issue while playing on other platforms.

Upon seeing the bizarre glitch, Epic Games Community Coordinator ‘EpicBoaty’ responded in saying that the “issue will be fixed in [the] next game update.”

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Fortunately, for the time being, players that stumble upon this bug are able to quickly walk away from the building and continue on with their match as though nothing had ever happened. 

While it might be a bit of an annoyance until the next patch is released, try to steer clear of this section of The Agency in particular if one of the final zones happens to push players inside the building.