Where to find all XP coins in Fortnite Season 2 – Weeks 1-4

Connor Bennett

Fortnite cheat sheet extraordinaire TheSquatingDog has revealed all the locations of the XP coins that you can claim in Season 2 for weeks one through four. 

After the longest season in Fortnite history came to a close, Epic Games finally dropped Chapter 2, Season 2 on to the battle royale island. The theme of the new season is all about Top Secret, with locations and bosses being added to the map, as well as a whole host of new cosmetics and challenges. 

While the new additions have certainly been fun – especially the ability to take down bosses like Midas, Brutus, Skye, and TNTina in order to get some pretty spectacular loot – players can still grind their way through games. Playing games, getting kills, bagging wins, and completing challenges mean XP which, in turn, leads to some pretty sweet cosmetics.

Grabbing XP coins will help you towards getting some nice skins in Fortnite.

Though, if you’re not in the business of just grinding your way through the game and want a little leg up, TheSquatingDog has got your back. The Fortnite player, who usually helps with cheat sheets for respective challenges, has revealed all the locations of the XP coins that you can grab from weeks one through four. 

As you can note, they aren’t exactly all bunched in one area and you have to explore the map to get them. Yet, using the helpful map, you can pretty much determine where you need to land in order to grab the coins quickly and move on with the game.

Sure, these aren’t going to give you the 42,000 XP boost that completing a mission will, but they are certainly helpful to keep you ticking over and push you towards the next set of cosmetics that you are hungry to unlock.

However, you can’t keep collecting these coins over and over once you’ve grabbed one. After you first capture one coin, it will then disappear for good – meaning that you’ll have to move on around the map.

Make sure you keep a note of which ones you have collected so that you aren’t heading to the same spots over and over again.