How to defeat TNTina and get Mythic Boom Bow in Fortnite Season 2

Connor Bennett
Epic Games

Players who dive into Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 2 now have the chance to take down five bosses for a chance at some mythic loot. So, here’s how you can defeat TNTina and grab the Boom Bow.

Following the launch of the V12.00 update, Epic Games added five NPC bosses and an army of henchman to the new set of locations on the battle royale map. 

While these bosses can be a bit of a pain to take down – they have got some ridiculous amounts of health and shield after all – doing so is a rewarding task. You’ll get access to the specific location’s loot vault, as well as the mythic weapon that the defeated boss will drop.

We’ve already run through guides on how to defeat Brutus, Midas, and Skye, so the next one in line for you to take down is TNTina. 

Epic Games
The Boom Bow returns in Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 2.

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If you’ve not come up against the explosive sounding boss just yet, that’s probably because you haven’t been to The Rig. 

The Oil Rig location is based nearly Slurpy Swamp and you can get lost at sea, quite literally, if the storm isn’t in your favor. That, however, won’t be a huge concern though, as you should be more worried about taking down TNTina.  So, here’s how you can do so:

  1. Drop from the Battle Bus and land at The Rig
  2. Land on top of the white building numbered as ‘3’ – dig down and drop inside the building
  3. Grab whatever weapon is floating as floor loot and jump outside the building so that you can enter a door
  4. Takedown one of the henchmen that awaits you inside and carry them upstairs to the ID scanner chest
  5. Open the chest and take the weapons that pop out
  6. Head downstairs and takedown TNTina. Aim for headshots as you’ll do more damage
  7. Collect her Mythic Boom Bow and The Rig keycard, which can be used to open the vault
Epic Games
TNTina is located at The Rig.

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Unlike Brutus, Midas, and Skye, there aren’t many tips or tricks that you can use to defeat TNTina on The Rig, but you should use the doors in here building as cover until she destroys them with the boom bow.

Once you wield the boom bow, you can do some serious damage to opponents but be wary of running out of ammo. Make sure to pick your shots and you’ll have a shot at grabbing a victory royale.