Epic Games respond to game-breaking Fortnite bugs in patch 11.50

Fortnite explosionsEpic Games

Through Fortnite’s 11.50 update, Epic Games transitioned the battle royale over to Unreal Engine’s Chaos physics system and despite ensuring the process would be smooth, players are already uncovering new game-breaking issues.

Since it’s initial release in 2017, Fortnite remained on the same engine while new content was added in on a regular basis. Deciding to switch things up Chapter 2, Epic switched to a brand new physics engine under the hood.

While a January 24 blog post assured that there will be a few bumps throughout the transition, game-breaking bugs have been popping up ever since the new patch was deployed.

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Fortnite running away from explosionEpic Games
The brand new physics engine could lead more quirky bugs than first anticipated.

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With the 11.50 update, essentially every aspect of the environment in Fortnite has been updated to function properly on the new physics engine. From major items such as vehicles and buildings to the more nitty-gritty elements like foliage, almost everything has been touched by the drastic change.

As a result, players have been stumbling upon bugs with greater frequency than usual. While some are mostly harmless, a number of these new issues have been completely breaking the experience for those in the community.

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Simply attempting to carry their fallen ally to safety, one such glitch actually saw a downed teammate fall underneath the map. Reddit user danniee48’ slid down a cliff with a companion on their back, but just moments later that friend was stuck under the surface of the map.

Looking up through the glitched textures, the player was trapped at sea-level and taken out of the game moments later. Epic community coordinator ‘EpicBoaty’ responded, indicating the developers will be looking into the specific bug.

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Another bizarre issue stemmed from the Motorboat hilariously sending players flying through the sky in slow-motion. 

As Reddit user ‘SlipperyYayas’ showcased, Motorboats are leaving players well out of position, potentially trapped in the storm, and even sinking in shallow water. These vehicles are evidently not working as intended and Epic Games responded once again to ensure that a fix should be on the way relatively soon.

“I’ve heard boats are supposed to float, but this is ridiculous!” Epic Games Community Coordinator ‘EmptyTux’ joked.

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Plenty of other game-breaking bugs have been cropping up since the release of the latest update, including a glitch that lets players walk through walls. As a result, it’s likely that a suite of hotfixes are right around the corner already. 

Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins was one of the first content creators to show concern over the massive change. Worried that the new physics engine could majorly offset the popular title, it seems as though the Mixer sensation was somewhat on the ball due to the number of game-breaking glitches appearing on just day one alone.

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