‘Red Bull Rise Till Dawn’ Fortnite Tournament With Ninja Sold Out In Under Three Hours

Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins announced his partnership with Red Bull and a Fortnite event where fans could challenge him during a live stream on June 17th. 

And tournament, taking place in Chicago, ‘Red Bull Rise Till Dawn’ reportedly sold out in less than three hours after its initial announcement via Ninja’s stream.

As Fortnite has soared in popularity so has battle royale streamer Ninja, and he is widely considered to be one of the game’s best players.

His meteoric rise to the top of Twitch has allowed him to display his incredible skills and collaborate with some of the worlds most influential pop culture icons like Drake, and now secure him sponsorships with some of the biggest brands, most recently Red Bull.

Most fans would love the opportunity to play against the streamer and with this recent announcement several will have the chance.

The event will feature a duos competition and a first place prize of $2,250 for whoever comes out on top.

No official word who Ninja will be teaming with as of yet, but he did mention he had his eyes on fellow Twitch streamer DrLupo.

So with the popularity of Ninja and Fortnite generally, it apparently took only a matter of hours to sell out the event, according to ESPN business reporter Darren Rovell.

Competitors must be 18 years of age or older and will face off on July 21st at Chicago’s Willis Tower.

Fans who did not get the chance to enter will be able to watch the event being live streamed via Twitch on his official channel.