OpTic Hitch correctly predicted the future of Fortnite seven months ago

Calum Patterson

It turns out that OpTic Gaming’s Davis ‘Hitch’ Edwards might know something we don’t about Fortnite – after his prediction for the game back in March turned out to be spot on come October.

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On October 24, Epic Games launched ‘Fortnitemares’ in the battle royale mode, which is a special event across all modes for Halloween, which features Zombie like creatures called ‘Cube Monsters’.

These monsters will attack you in battle royale, spawning from cube fragments found around the map, and will reward you with shield and a chance of loot when you take them out.

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For about a week before Fortnitemares launched, fans were trying to piece together the teasers that had dropped, but it turns out that Epic’s plans for Halloween in Fortnite were more predictable than they may have thought.

On March 30, Hitch Tweeted: “Imagine around halloween time Epic adds a special game where you spawn into a BR game on an infested Fortnite map. It’s dark and has zombies from Save The World.”

And as if his description could not be any more accurate to the Fortnitemares event, he even predicted that they would be lootable once you kill them – exactly how they have been implemented.

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After someone dug up Hitch’s old tweet, it was shared around on social media, even making it to the top of the Fortnite Battle Royale Reddit page.

Hitch himself apologized to competitive players for his bold prediction which turned out true, as the $2.6 million Fall Skirmish tournament will now take place with these Cube Monsters in play.

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The Fortnite community and competitive players reacted to Hitch’s spooky prediction, including OpTic Gaming’s own pro Fortnite player Marz.

Former OpTic member Pamaj, now of FaZe, thinks Hitch may have been in on the Fortnitemares event from the very beginning – and if so, what else could he possible know?

The Fortnitemares event is in full swing across all modes in Fortnite, and while most players are enjoying the temporary game play switch up, there are concerns that it will impact the competitive integrity of the Fall Skirmish finale.

Perhaps, given his powers of prediction, Hitch will pick wisely next time he wants to see a change come in to Fortnite – maybe next he should predict the return of Season 2?