Fortnite Season 6, Week 5 challenges and how to complete them

Week 5 of Season 6 in Fortnite Battle Royale is upon us, and that means that the fifth set of weekly challenges officially went live on October 25.

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The first four weeks have provided players with three free challenges and four that are exclusive to owners of the Season 6 Battle Pass, and Week 5 is no different.

The official Week 5 challenges have now gone live, and they are almost identical to the ones that were leaked ahead of time.

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Challenges were changed slightly at the last minute in Week 3 and Week 4, and we had assumed that at least two or three of them would change by the time they went live, but the only real change is the speed required to complete the first challenge. 

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The official Week 5, Season 6 challenges are as follows:

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The flaming hoops challenge, which is actually one from a previous season, surprises us somewhat. It seemed unlikely that Epic wouldn’t include the new Quadcrasher as one of the vehicles that can be used, but we’ve been proven wrong.

There are also three ‘deal damage’ challenges and, as expected, two of them have become ‘stage’ challenges where you have to complete a number of small tasks in order to finish the entire thing.

In fact, the only exciting new challenge for this week seems to be the one that asks you to record a speed of 27 or more on different radar signs:

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Battle Pass

  • Eliminate an opponent closer than 5m away (0/2)
  • Deal damage with SMGs to opponents (0/500)
  • Minigun Eliminations (0/2)
  • Stage 1: Deal damage with standard Pistols to opponents (0/200) Stage 2: Deal damage with Silenced Pistols to opponents (0/200)Stage 3: Deal damage with Handcannons to opponents (0/200)

Hunting Party Challenge

The ongoing Hunting Party challenge returns for Week 5 of Season 6. This time there’s a secret Battle Star which can be found after completing all seven of the standard challenges. Check out our full guide on how to find it here.

Record a speed of 27 or more in front of different radar signs

We’re not entirely sure what speed each vehicle travels at on average, but we’re willing to bet that the easiest one to complete this challenge with will be the new Quadcrasher.

Find out more about this challenge, including the locations for the various radar signs, here.

Jump through flaming hoops with a shopping cart or ATK

The flaming hoops challenge was one of the most enjoyable to ever be added to the game, so we’er pleased to see it return but sad that Quadcrashers are excluded.

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Check out our in-depth guide for all of the flaming hoop locations that you need to complete this challenge.

Deal damage to opponents with tactical shotguns

Shotguns might not be as powerful as they were in the past, but we’re still willing to bet that you’ll be able to get through this challenge fairly easily.

As the first ‘stage’ challenge for the week, completing it will then move you the second stage where you’ll need to deal damage with pump shotguns. The final stage of this challenge will have you deal damage with heavy shotguns to close things out. 

Eliminate an opponent closer than 5 meters away

We’ve seen challenges that ask you to eliminate an opponent from 50 meters away in the past, but this challenge would be completely different – and much easier on paper.

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Simply get close and personal, perhaps after landing at Tilted Towers, with a shotgun, and you’ll be laughing.

Deal damage with SMGs to opponents

Much like the shotgun damage challenge, this one will be pretty simple. With the power of submachine guns in Fortnite Battle Royale, getting this one done will involve little more than playing the game.

Minigun eliminations

Playing a 50 vs. 50 mode like Disco Domination will be the easiest way of completing this task. Miniguns can be extremely difficult to use, so giving yourself more opponents to shoot at will be make life easier.

Deal damage with standard pistols to opponents

You only need to deal a total of 200 damage to opponents to complete this one, but that won’t be the end of the challenge as it’s only the first of three stages.

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Dealing damage with standard pistols will move you to stage two where you’ll then have to deal damage with silenced pistols. The final stage of this challenge will then require you to deal damage with handcannons.