Number of players concurrently playing Fortnite has reached insane heights

The number of players who are concurrently playing Fortnite Battle Royale has reached unbelievable new levels.

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According to a statement put out by Epic Games Korea CEO Sung Chul Park, a whopping 8.3 million people worldwide are simultaneously playing the popular BR title. 

This figure is more than double the total number of concurrent players recorded in February, which was 3.4 million at the time. 

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There are certainly several distinguishable factors that have played a key part in this meteoric rise of the concurrent player count.

One was the recent Butterfly Event, a one-time worldwide event which players had to queue into a match at a specific time to experience in-game.

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While the number of users during the event has not been reported, there were 1.5 million who watched it live on Twitch and another 2.1 million on YouTube. 

This drastic rise in the concurrent player count comes at the heels of a very successful August for Fortnite, which Epic Games are reporting was their biggest month yet in terms of users.

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Reports reveal that Fortnite had over 78.3 million players across all platforms during the month of August. Although the highest number of downloads in a single month is still 100 million, this figure is the highest total of active users ever over the course of a month. 

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It’s clear that Fortnite’s popularity continues to rise, and the statistics are backing that up. 

Despite the release of Call of Duty’s new Blackout battle royale mode, it appears that Fortnite has remained unscathed, even when many had predicted that Blackout would put a hurt on Fortnite’s numbers. 

Source – VG247