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Fortnite Season 6, Week 7 challenges and how to complete them

Published: 8/Nov/2018 9:38 Updated: 8/Nov/2018 15:08

by Calum Patterson


Week 7 of Season 6 is now upon us in Fortnite Battle Royale, meaning a new set of challenges are now live to help you rank up.

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Similar to previous weeks, there are three challenges available to all players, and another four challenges which only battle pass owners can complete.

The official Week 7 challenges are now officially live in game, and we have a full breakdown and helpful tips to get them done faster.

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The challenges remain unchanged from the leaks that surfaced on November 7, so unfortunately there are no new innovative challenges from Epic this week.


There isn’t much to be excited for in these challenges really, they’re all pretty mundane tasks, and we even have the old classic ‘Skydive through floating rings’ challenge.

There is a couple of multi-stage challenges, and we will add there next stages as they are revealed.

The Week 7 challenges are as follows:

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Free Challenges

  • Search 7 Ammo Boxes in a single match (7)
  • Deal Headshot Damage to opponents (500)
  • Stage 1: Deal damage to opponents in a single match (HARD)(300)
    • Stage 2: Deal damage to opponents in a single match (400)
    • Stage 3: Deal damage to opponents in a single match (500)

Battle Pass Challenges

  • Stage 1: Destroy Trees (50)
    • Stage 2: Destroy Rocks (25)
    • Stage 3: Destroy Cars (10)
  • Skydive through Floating Rings (20)
  • Stage 1: Consume 5 Apples (HARD)(5)
    • Stage 2: Consume Bandages (60)
    • Stage 3: Consume Medkits (100)
    • Stage 4: Consume Slurp Juice (50)
  • Eliminate Opponents in Pleasant Park (HARD)(3)

Check back when the challenges go live for a confirmed list and an explanation of how to complete each one.

Hunting Party Challenge Week 6

The ongoing Hunting Party challenge returns for Week 7 of Season 6. The Battle Pass star returns for this week’s challenge. For more information, check out our in-depth guide.


Search 7 Ammo Boxes in a single match

This is a pretty straightforward task, and if you’ve played Fortnite long enough you’ll know the common spots for these ammo boxes. You can usually find them in basements and buildings, often sitting on shelves.

Because this one needs to be done in a single match, we recommend dropping somewhere quiet, as you don’t want to die early before you’ve looted seven of them.

Deal Headshot Damage to Opponents

Again not much explanation needs given here, although we can give a few tips to get it done faster. Try to find higher damage weapons, like snipers and AR’s. When you find an unsuspecting enemy, take some extra time to line-up the headshot as the first shot, before they realize you’re on them.


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Stage 1: Deal damage to opponents in a single match (300)

So this is only stage one, and required you to deal 300 damage to opponents in a match. Stage two and three have now also been uncovered, and they simply require you to do 100 more damage each time, still in a single match.

– Stage 2 = 400, Stage 3: 500: So for stage two, you will need to do 400 damage in a match, and then finally 500 damage for stage three.

Stage 1: Destroy Trees (50)

This has got to be up there with the most mundane Fortnite challenges we’ve seen, tasking you with destroying 50 trees. It doesn’t stipulate that you must do it in a single match, although you probably could. Head to a densely leafy area like Wailing Woods to get this out of the way fast.


– Stage 2: Destroy Rocks (25) – in a similar vein, just go find some Rocks, the best spot is likely the quarry between Lazy Links and the Motel.

– Stage 3: Destroy Cars (10) – There’s plenty of cars at Retail Row just waiting in the car park to be demolished for this third stage.

Skydive through Floating Rings

If you’ve been playing Fortnite for a while this challenge will be very familiar to you. You need to dive through 20 in total, but you can usually only manage two in a single dive when departing the battle bus.

There are purple rings and blue rings, with the purple ones higher and the blue ones lower, so you can see at a glance if you can pull off two in a single dive.


Check out our full guide to Skydiving through rings here.

The floating rings challenge is back
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Stage 1: Consume 5 Apples

Your best bet for finding Apples is probably the same places you might go to destroy 50 trees, since Apples are only found in Fortnite underneath trees. This challenge is marked as ‘HARD’ however, and we can see why with the next stages.

– Stage 2: Consume Bandages (60) 

– Stage 3: Consume Medkits (100) 

– Stage 4: Consume Slurp (50)

For these next stages, you will find it faster if you stock up medkits/bandages/slurps, and then do fall damage to yourself, allowing you to use them. This will still take a long time to get through however.

Eliminate Opponents in Pleasant Park

Nothing to exciting here either, simply head to Pleasant Park and take out three opponents. Because plenty of other players will also be trying to complete this, there should be no shortage of enemies to target. Recommend getting to one of the main houses as fast as possible to ensure you get a weapon.

To complete these challenges super fast, be sure to check out the ‘Cheat Sheet’ map with all locations and hints for every Week 7 challenge.