NRG’s Clix claims he’ll stop hating on Fortnite but fans aren’t convinced

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Cody ‘Clix’ Conrod — professional Fortnite player and member of NRG Esports — shared with his fans that he’s taking a different approach to Epic’s battle royale in Season 6 and will try to avoid toxicity as he reforms his behavior.

The professional Fortnite community is notoriously relentless when it comes to issues with the game. Many pro players have spoken out against Epic’s balancing of the game’s meta, and even lackluster prize pools that removed motivation for many players to even compete.

Prominent pro player Clix has been someone who’s never shied away from being an outspoken critic, although Season 6 is the perfect time to look on the bright side, which is exactly what he plans to do.

On March 19, the NRG player tweeted out “[I’m] reforming, no more toxicity. I love Fortnite and Donald Mustard,” referring to Epic’s ever-present Chief Creative Officer, someone who he’s had issues with in the past (see below).

Clix followed up with another positive statement a few hours later: “I’m so f**king happy, I can’t wait till arena resets, the f**king content is going to be insane.”

Overall, it’s a positive turn of attitude from the NRG star, after he recently tweeted out that he has “legit no motivation to play this game.”

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It appears Clix is trying to turn over a new leaf in Season 6.

While the sentiments expressed in his tweets were good, the Fortnite community wasn’t sure what to make of his message. Many fans speculated that Clix was seeking to gain favor with Epic so they would coordinate with him to organize his very own ‘Clix Cup’ tournament.

Others joked that he was somehow being coerced into making the statement: “Are you sure you’re not being forced to say this? Blink twice next stream if you need help!”

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The skepticism from the community isn’t without merit. In February, he publicly insulted Mustard on Twitter after the Epic CCO tweeted himself attending Super Bowl LV. The community was highly critical of interaction, many calling the pro out for his words.

With the release of Chapter 2 Season 6, there is plenty for Clix to be excited about in the competitive scene. Coming off a 5th place finish in the Season 5 FNCS Grand Finals (and an $18k payout), he certainly seems motivated to prepare for the next round of competition.

Now whether or not he’s able to maintain his “reformed” composure and not have any more anti-Fortnite rants in the public sphere, that we’ll have to just wait and see.