Ninja Wants Epic Games To Change Competitive Events in Fortnite to Make Every Platform Equal

With Epic Games continuing to treat players on PC and console as equals on Fortnite, Ninja wants to see them make a change to competitive events – making them cross-platform.

After the recent Summer Skirmish tournament which a PS4 player won, beating out mainly PC players in the competition, some PC players suggested that PS4 opponents are easier.

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The Summer Skirmish winner was playing in PS4 solo games, playing against only other PS4 players, whereas PC players faced a supposedly more skilful player base.

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But since Epic is determined to have PC and console players compete in these Summer Skirmish tournaments, Ninja wants to see them make a change to level the playing field.

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In order to prove that console and PC players are of the same skill, and since Epic seemingly believes this already, Ninja reckons that Summer Skirmish, Solo Showdown and other competitive events should be played on cross-platform servers.

This way, if a PS4 player was to win the Summer Skirmish, no one would be calling into question the difficulty of their opponents, since they would be coming up against PC players too.

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Currently, solo matches don’t support a cross-play option, and so when searching for a solo game it will only match players against others on the same platform.

While Epic is pushing the idea of inclusivity and every platform being equal in every other aspect, it does seem logical that they would offer cross-platform solo matches at some point soon.

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