Ninja Reveals First Ever Look at Fortnite Gameplay With the Brand New ‘Galaxy’ Skin

The Fortnite community has been given its first real look at live gameplay with the new ‘Galaxy’ skin.

Popular Twitch streamer Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins went live on August 21 showcasing the highly anticipated skin on both the mobile and PC version of the game.

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Ninja started things off with a YouTube video that showed him unboxing a special Fortnite Supply Drop that Samsung had sent him.

In the box were a few pieces of tech, memorabilia, and, most importantly, the brand new Samsung Galaxy Note 9, pre-loaded with Fortnite and the new Galaxy skin.

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With the Note 9 schedule to launch on August 24, Ninja got the chance to try it and the new skin early, which he showcased in the video below.

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He then proceeded to jump into a PC match with fellow streamer ‘Timthetatman,’ marking the first time that the Galaxy skin made an appearance in a public Fortnite match on PC.

Both Ninja and Tim did not hold back when raving about the new skin, with both claiming that it is the best in the history of the game.

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“Dude I’m sorry, like listen. I’m going to completely honest with you guys. This skin, this is the best skin in the game, facts. And I’m sorry, I hate to say it.”


“I agree. It just looks so, it’s like a different element. It’s almost like I’m looking into the galaxy, like space. So good job, whoever made this skin.”

Here is some additional PC gameplay taken later on from the very same stream:

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Since it was leaked several weeks ago, the Galaxy skin has been the main topic of conversation when it comes to Fortnite cosmetic items.

For now, the skin is only available to those who preorder the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, but new information has been leaked that points to it eventually being made available to all players.

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Although Ninja has gotten his chance to debut the skin in-game, everyone else will have to wait for the device to drop on August 24 to be able to try it out for themselves.

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