Ninja explains why building in Fortnite with mouse & keyboard is “dumb”

Tanner Pierce

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In a recent stream, popular streamer Ninja explained that it’s “dumb” that keyboard and mouse Fortnite players don’t have the same building sensitivity options that controller players do.

Building sensitivity for keyboard and mouse players is something that’s been long discussed in the Fortnite community for the past few years now. While some people seem to think that the feature shouldn’t be added, most people tend to agree that keyboard and mouse players should have the same option as players who use controllers.

Despite this, however, the feature has yet to be added to the game, causing frustrations for many high-speed players who feel like they can’t build fast enough. Now, Ninja, who just recently returned to the battle royale game, seems feel the same way, if his post-match reactions are anything to go off of.

Ninja is complaining that building in Fortnite is harder with a keyboard and mouse due to the lack of sensitivity settings.

During a recent stream, Ninja claimed that not having the ability to change his building sensitivity, as he’s playing on keyboard and mouse, was negatively affecting his performance in-game.

“I’m so sick of not being able to do what I need to do because I can’t do it fast enough” Ninja said.

Ninja continued, claiming that he doesn’t understand the lack of support for keyboard and mouse players.

“The fact controller players have build sensitivity and mouse and keyboard [players] don’t have build sensitivity…[makes me] wanna punch something,” Ninja said.

For those that are unaware, last year, Epic Games said that it was looking into keyboard and mouse building sensitivity, but that it didn’t have any exact plans for it yet. Now, it’s been almost exactly a year, pretty much to the day, and we still don’t know anything about their plans for the setting.

At this rate, it seems like the likely of the feature’s implementation is a bit low, however, it could technically still happen. Keep it locked to Dexerto to find out.

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