Ninja reveals what drove him away from Fortnite in the last few seasons

Elliot mcdonagh
Fortnite Ninja Season 4 Epic Games Return Streamer

Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins has returned to Fortnite after what feels like ages, admitting the battle royale’s latest “stale” seasons led him to temporarily quit, and why the new one brought his passion for the game back to life.

Ninja has returned to the popular battle royale after not playing the game for monthsinitially falling out of love for the battle royale a while ago, he is now back and enjoying the new season, Fortnite Chapter 2: Season 4.

The star streamer stopped playing Fortnite a couple of seasons ago because he was simply not having fun anymore, opting to commit to Valorant because the BR’s content was getting “super boring.”

“I’m just starting to play Fortnite again. I haven’t played in months. Honestly, the game wasn’t fun to me. It was super stale and super boring. I mean, I honestly don’t have anything good to say about Fortnite in the last two seasons.”

Ninja is one of the most-watched Fortnite streamers worldwide.

After taking a long break from the battle royale, Ninja returns to Fortnite during Season 4 because of SypherPK’s recommendation in trying out the game.

“No cap, SypherPK, a friend of mine texted me and was like ‘yo man, do you want to play some Fortnite, just duos and try it out’, I was like ‘yeah sure’,” he said.

“I’m having a blast again. It feels good again, it feels fun. […] I’m playing Fortnite solos. When was the last time you saw me playing Fortnite solos.”

Ninja returns to Fortnite after SyperPK asks him to play a duos game with him, he then finds out how much he enjoys the game.

Following his remarks about his former discontent towards the game, Ninja then jokingly talked about a comment made by a viewer about the Pump Shotgun which was vaulted in Season 3 and unvaulted in season 4. He says it could’ve been the reason why the game felt so good.

“It’s the Pump Shotgun. Maybe it is. Maybe it’s literally the Pump Shotgun being added back. I can’t believe they removed it. Who knows, maybe they removed it so when they added it back, everyone was in love with it, you know what I mean.”

(Segment starts at 1:44 mark)

This isn’t the only time Ninja has talked Fortnite recently; the returned Twitch star also talked about the game’s competitive environment, and how it’s unfair pro players have to go up against “run of the mill” ranked players on the ladder.

With the superstar back playing Fortnite, fans can only wonder how long he’ll stay as Season 4 draws near to an end, meaning more updates and changes that might possibly alter what he currently enjoys about the game.