Ninja, Dr Lupo and Co discover new Fortnite map rotation tactic with the Baller and Cannon

Eli Becht

The new Baller vehicle has opened up many new opportunities in Fortnite, as evidenced by Ninja and his squad.

Fortnite’s v8.10 update added in a brand-new vehicle called the Baller. If you’re a fan of Overwatch, it will be hard to not think of a certain hero.

It is almost certain Fortnite took inspiration from a recent Overwatch hero by the name of Hammond as the vehicle looks and almost operates the exact same in both games.

In what could be a commercial for Season 8, Ninja, Dr Lupo, TimTheTatman and ItsFearItself gather three Baller vehicles and use one of Fortnite’s new cannons to pull off some great maneuverability plays.

Ninja, Lupo and Tim all get in a Baller and latch onto Fear as he launches himself out of a cannon.

This clip reveals players will be able to soar through the air in the Baller just as long as they have something to attach to.

We’d hate to bring it up but could you imagine the players that could have been made if one of these Ballers were able to attach onto a plane?

Epic GamesThe new Fortnite Baller vehicle.

It’ll be interesting to see how future players use the Baller vehicle as it’d presumably work the same way with a Jump Pad or Glider Redeploy as it does when you shoot out of a Cannon.

Outside of this mobility, the Baller doesn’t seem to be very effective in combat situations as it deals little damage and represents a big target.

Fortnite seems to have gotten away with have vehicles being all-powerful things like the Plane was, so this might actually be a blessing.

Members of the Fortnite community appear to be enjoying the Baller so far which is certainly good news for a new vehicle.

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