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Ninja and SypherPK’s Fortnite world record has finally been beaten

Published: 9/Jan/2019 15:43 Updated: 9/Jan/2019 16:48

by Calum Patterson


The world record for most eliminations in a Duo vs Squads game of Fortnite on PC has been  smashed by two French players.

The previous world record in the same category was in fact also held by French-speaking players, Teeqzy and NokSs, who had managed 43 kills in June, 2018.


That record was later equalled by Ninja and SypherPK in September, and was the only world record the two American streamers held, but the 43 kill mark has now been surpassed.

With an incredible 46 eliminations, French Fortnite stars ‘Nayte’ and ‘Spk’ have stolen away Ninja and Sypher’s only record.


Both professional players – representing TrainHard and Team LDLC respectively – the duo extended the PC record by 3 kills, matching the same record on PS4, set by NICKMERCS and Nioly.

The 46 kill match was streamed live by Spk, and you can watch the VOD evidence below.


Watch Temps fort : LDLC Spk |BF vs G4B Nayte !vid from SpkSokrat on

Team Secret player Mongraal had teamed up with Teeqzy in an attempt to take down a number of world records, but to no avail.


However, Teeqzy still holds the world record for solo vs squad, again with 43 – you can see a full list of all Fortnite world records here.

It should be noted, that these world records do not include any games where the Infinity Blade was in use.