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New Tomato Head Skin and Challenges Available on Fortnite

Published: 23/Aug/2018 11:39 Updated: 23/Aug/2018 12:51

by Matt Porter


Three new challenges and a new skin have been released during the V5.30 Update to Fortnite Battle Royal.

Completing the three challenges will unlock the brand new Regal Freshness Tomato Head skin, giving a new twist on one of the fan favorites.

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The newest version of Tomato Head features a crown made out of cutlery, new body and face paint, and a new distressed version of his original attire.

The skin matches the updated Tomato Head found on top of Tomato Temple, a new Point-of-Interest that has replaced Tomato Town in the North-East of the map.

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To acquire Tomato Head’s new look, players will need to complete the three new Tomato Head challenges by playing twenty five matches, gaining 20,000 XP and dealing 5000 damage to opponents.

With each kill worth 200 damage if an opponent has full health and shield, players will need to kill around 25 opponents to reach the damage requirement.

This is the first fully customizable skin, completed with challenges, other than the skins unlocked for completing the ‘Road Trip’ and ‘Blockbuster’ skins.

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Epic Games regularly releases re-worked and updated versions of characters, to the delight of Fortnite fans, along with frequently added new Points-of-Interest.


There have been plenty of leaks already, including the new ‘Shockwave Grenade’, new emotes, and the first footage of the new ‘Rift-to-go’ item.

The V5.30 Update is available now for players who want to get their hands on the new Tomato Head skin.