New Shockwave Grenade Leaked Following Fortnite’s V5.30 Patch

Yet another leak to come out of the V5.30 files for Fortnite suggests that a new variant of the Impulse Grenade will be coming to the game soon.

The release of the new patch on August 23 was quickly followed by a flurry of leaks ranging from brand new weapons to upcoming skins and cosmetics.

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Included in those leaks is a new “Shockwave Grenade” which will, according to various sources, be a Legendary Impulse Grenade.

The description of the Shockwave Grenade is simply “Toodle pip!” which seems to suggest that anyone that gets hit with it won’t be seen again in a hurry!

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The Impulse Grenade was added to Fortnite Battle Royale back in February and quickly became one of the most popular items in the game.

Its usefulness for getting around the map or flinging foes from great heights soon became apparent, and its comedic uses often even outstripped those.

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If the Shockwave Grenade does turn out to a Legendary variant of the Impulse Grenade like the leaks suggest, the possibilities of what it can do are likely to be endless!

There is currently no information about when the new item will be added to the game, and Epic Games have not confirmed any of the leaks, but it seems likely that players will get their hands on it sooner rather than later.

One thing is for sure, the imaginations of millions of Fortnite players worldwide will already be racing.