New Mounted Turret Item coming soon to Fortnite

The Mounted Turret is coming to Fortnite after the in-game welcome screen was changed to reveal the item. 

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The description of the Mounted Turret implies that it will have unlimited ammo and can be dropped anywhere.

Place the Mounted Turret and hop in to apply some suppressive fire! Careful not to overheat.

Weapons that have overheating mechanics in other games usually have an endless supply of ammo, with overheating being the balance to prevent players from constantly firing.

No other information was given, leaving its fire rate and damage numbers a mystery. With Epic claiming the Mounted Turret is suppressive, it may have a very high fire rate and range with low damage.

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With Fortnite’s build-heavy gameplay, a structure with a Mounted Turret at the top could be very dangerous for the surrounding players. 

However, its lack of movement could be a concern when surrounded by attacking shotguns and aggressive Gliders.

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There is no release date for the Mounted Turret at this time, with Epic simply stating the item is coming soon. It is unlikely the Mounted Turret would appear on Fortnite’s welcome screen without being released in the next patch.

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Due to Fortnite’s patch release schedule, the Turret may be available on Tuesday, November 13 or Thursday, November 15.

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