Data Miners Leak Loading Screens for Week 5 and 6 of Fortnite’s Road Trip Challenge


The popular data mining account TwoEpicBuddies has struck again, this time releasing the loading screen images for the fifth and sixth week of Fortnite’s Road Trip Challenge.

The Road Trip challenges are a set of seven bonus challenges in Season 5 of Fortnite Battle Royale. Much like Season 4’s Blockbuster challenge, you need to complete the seven standard challenges each week before unlocking the Road Trip one.

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To complete the challenge, all you need to do is find a secret Battle Pass star located somewhere on the map.

Clues are hidden in the weekly loading screens so leaks often give players a significant head start in working out where to go. The Week 5 and 6 loading screens can be found below.

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TwoEpicBuddies[ad name=”article2″]TwoEpicBuddies

Completing a Road Trip challenge is certainly worth the time and effort as it grants you a free tier in the Season 5 Battle Pass and gets you one step closer to unlocking all of the season’s skins, cosmetics, and items.

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There is also the added bonus of a mystery “Road Trip skin” which can only be unlocked after a player has completed all seven of the challenges.

While it is currently unknown what that skin will look like, you can almost guarantee that accounts like TwoEpicBuddies will get their hands on it and leak it before week seven’s challenges go live.

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We are currently in Week 4 and Week 5’s challenges are not due to be released until August 8.