Leaked In-Game Footage of Upcoming Fortnite Emotes Found in the V5.20 Files

Ross Deason

Further data mining of the recently leaked emotes for Fortnite Battle Royale has revealed what they will look like in-game.

The @FNLeak account on Twitter shared footage of all the emotes along with their rarity and descriptions.

First up is the Epic “Llama Bell” emote with a simple “Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang!” description:

The next emote is the Rare “Work it Out” which comes with the note “Break a sweat”:

The “Hot Stuff” emote will be Uncommon and the short “Tss!” description will make sense as soon as you watch it:

“Pumpenickel” will also be Rare and will be perfect for players that want to “Get pumped”:

The final emote is called “Go! Go! Go!” and will be Uncommon. The description reads “You can do it”:

None of the information has been officially confirmed by Epic Games but these leaks tend to be pretty accurate!

Expect to see at least some of the above emotes added to the game over the next few days.