New Leaked Fortnite Files Reveal Possible Images and Descriptions of the Medic and Intel Backpacks

Albert Petrosyan

New datamined game files have revealed new details regarding two new Backpack items that could be coming soon to Fortnite: Battle Royale.

The Intel and Medic Backpacks have been rumored to be on their way into the game, and now possible images and descriptions for the items have surfaced.

The new Backpack items in Fortnite are very similar to the Back Bling, but as opposed to being merely cosmetic items, they are found in-game and have usable abilities

The Jetpack and ‘Eye of the Storm’ Tracker were both recently added via the v4.2 content update on May 22nd, although the latter was announced to have been added by mistake.

Two popular Fortnite news and leaks outlets, ‘Fortnite Insider’ and ‘FNBRLeaks’ have found Fortnite game files that contain information regarding the two Intel and Medic Backpack items.

Below are the rendered possible images of the Intel Backpack, along with the item’s potential in-game description.

“Find the Eye of the Storm, and reveal nearby loot and enemies!”

Source: @FNBRLeaksSource: @FNBRLeaks

The possible appearance of the Medic Backpack can be found in the rendered images below, and the item could have this description once released:

“Carry your allies to victory with this advanced life saving equipment!”

Source: @FNBRLeaksSource: @FNBRLeaksSource: @FNBRLeaks

It is not yet clear whether either of these Backpack items will be added to Fortnite, and whether they will be part of the regular game modes or a Limited Time Mode.

Until these items are officially confirmed or announced, these files should be treated as no more than speculative leaks.

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