Fortnite & Doctor Who event: Leak reveals skins, release window, cosmetics, more

An image of a Doctor Who TARDIS in Fortnite.QuantumBuilds

A recent Fortnite leak has suggested that a Doctor Who crossover is coming to the Battle Royale later this year to celebrate the show’s 60th anniversary.

The ever-popular Fortnite has become synonymous with its many collabs and crossovers over the years. It seems the game has collaborated with almost every big property in pop culture by now including Resident Evil, Attack on Titan, and Marvel.

According to a recent leak, the beloved British sci-fi series Doctor Who could be the next TV show to land on Fortnite’s Island, in a big event that will run alongside its highly anticipated 60th-anniversary celebrations.

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Updated April 18, 2023, to add the latest leaked information.

Fortnite leak suggests Doctor Who crossover is coming this year

Since our initial reports, more leaks surfaced about the crossover on April 18, 2023, including the claim that David Tennant‘s Fourteenth and Ncuti Gatwa‘s Fifteenth Doctors will be the two skins featured in the item shop during the event.

You can find a full rundown of the item shop cosmetics that reliable community leaker @IFireMonkey has stated will feature in the crossover below:

The Fortnite leaker took to Twitter on April 15, 2023, to weigh in on the Fortnite x Doctor Who discussions that have been circulating since initial reports and leaks broke out in late 2022.

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In their tweet, they suggested that the collab “would be a two week long event in game (using an event tab similar to the Dragon Ball event) featuring a set of rewards for completing challenges as well as item shop cosmetics.”

They also went on to tease what free content may be featured in the collab, stating: “There would also be a FREE Beep the Meep Spray as some sort of incentive for checking out the Creative map associated with this collaboration.”

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We know that Beep the Meep will feature in the upcoming Doctor Who specials, so the creature appearing in Fortnite suggests that the event could be timed alongside the show’s 60th-anniversary episodes in November 2023. However, the leaker addressed that the event may happen before November when sharing the latest information.

“There is also a chance this collaboration happens BEFORE November as the Beep the Meep spray is set to be a free reward for viewing 60th anniversary trailers on the Doctor Who creative island, which means that it doesn’t have to happen right when the 60th anniversary actually releases.”

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On April 18, 2023, the leaker also shared more information about how questing will work in the event:

“On the Battle Royale island there would be U.N.I.T Outposts, typically around the maps roads, which will have interactable objects that will help you complete quests, these would mention things such as investigating a Meep Star Cruiser. Other quests would have players scanning Residual Energy around the map and eliminating others with the U.N.I.T and Wrarth Warrior weapons.”

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Finally, an image of one of the crossover exclusive weapons, as well as some in-game cosmetic descriptions were posted.

That’s everything we know about the rumored Fortnite x Doctor Who crossover so far. In the meantime, you can find all the latest news on the game and the show by visiting our home pages.

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