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Mysterious music video discovered in Fortnite game files featuring Marshmello

Published: 15/Jan/2019 12:17 Updated: 15/Jan/2019 14:16

by Calum Patterson


In a bizarre discovery, it appears an entire music video has been discovered in the Fortnite game files following the v7.20 update on January 15, featuring electronic music DJ and producer Marshmello.

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Following every major Fortnite update, data miners will dig around the game files in search of any as yet unreleased items or additions.

These typically included new skins and cosmetics, hints at new Limited Time Modes, weapons or items, but in a first for Fortnite leaks, an entire music video has been uncovered.

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A Twitter user with a track record of Fortnite leaks posted the video and accompanying music, which appears to be a mix of some of Marshmello’s biggest tracks including ‘Wolves’ featuring Selena Gomez.


The video is over five minutes long, and includes lots of Marshmello visuals, although nothing which appears directly related to Fortnite.

You can see the clip below, via @lucas7yoshi_.

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It’s unclear what purpose this may have and why exactly it has been added to the Fortnite game files along with the v7.20 update. It is assigned in a folder named: ‘Content\Movies\FestivusVideo5MinTest_02.mp4’

There is a sighting of the new medieval sword weapon which has been leaked, which has drawn comparisons to the infamous ‘Infinity Blade’ that was removed in late 2018.

Marshmello has had connections to Fortnite in the past, primarily through his friendship with Ninja, the game’s most well known player and content creator.


The pair played as a duo at Fortnite’s Pro-Am event at E3, where top Fortnite players teamed up with celebrities. Ninja and Marshmello won the event, securing millions for charities of their choice.