Muselk explains why he thinks Fortnite is “no fun” anymore

Epic Games / Instagram: mrmuselk

Popular YouTuber Elliott ‘Muselk’ Watkins has explained why he believes there’s “no fun left” in Fortnite anymore – despite still predominantly playing the game and consistently creating content on it.

The Australian YouTuber is one of the many that has seen his channel and brand grow tremendously throughout Fortnite’s lifecycle, but is the latest in a long list of names to come out and speak against the direction the battle royale title is heading.

After the likes of CouRage and DrLupo also explained why they can’t play the game in the same way anymore, Muselk echoed a similar sentiment.

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Instagram: mrmuselk
Muselk has seen his channel grow exponentially throughout Fortnite’s lifecycle.

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Talking about it on April 20, Muselk explains that he thinks Fortnite is “in an absolutely dumb spot” and that it shouldn’t take “someone like him who players Fortnite every day, 6 hours to win a game.”

He then lists how dying to glitches, losing shotgun vs. SMG fights because the SMG user is a controller player, and being heavy sniped out of nowhere as reasons for his growing discontent with the game.

Finally, his finishing line is the one that hits the hardest, simply saying that “there’s no fun left in Fortnite,” a pretty damning verdict.

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Muselk also adds that it’s “no wonder pros and casuals are quitting the game more and more each day,” which does seem to be backed up by some of the top streamers we’ve seen move away from Fortnite throughout 2020 so far.

One of the people to respond to Muselk’s tweets was fellow content creator Ali-A, who said that Epic Games need to “reduce skill-based matchmaking and introduce fun items to the game again,” using the hashtag #MakeFortniteFunAgain.

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The ongoing collaboration with US rapper Travis Scott, which sees cosmetics of the artist coming to the game as well as a series of concerts played across different regions, seems to be a step in the right direction for Fortnite.

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That said, complaints about SBMM and a lack of “fun” in Fortnite right now are becoming slightly more common, so Epic Games might be looking for ways to bring back the Fortnite of old in Chapter 2, Season 3.