CourageJD & DrLupo explain why they stopped playing Fortnite

Twitter: CouRageJD

Jack ‘CouRage’ Dunlop and Ben ‘DrLupo’ Lupo were once some of the biggest Fortnite streamers in the world – but now they’ve revealed why they stopped playing the game.

Fortnite paved the way for many of today’s biggest content creators to make something much more for themselves, and this is something Lupo happily admits during his appearance on The CouRage and Nadeshot Show, but as more and more of the biggest names move away from the popular battle royale title, many simply want to know why.

Now, the Fornite World Cup casting duo have revealed exactly why they’ve stopped playing the game.

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Twitter: CouRageJD
Lupo and Dunlop casted the record-breaking Fortnite World Cup together.

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After a funny and awkward introduction from Matthew ‘Nadeshot’ Haag, who says the two “rinsed it for everything it could give [you],” CouRage started to explain why he stopped playing.

He said: “I would literally go insane if I was trying to play that game like I once did. I just mentally can no longer do two-minute build battles with skill-based matchmaking for no return. It just doesn’t do it for me anymore.”

DrLupo agreed with Dunlop, saying it is “hard to play the same thing every single day for forever.” He compared it to games such as Call of Duty, which at least get a new iteration each year, adding that “the audience became saturated with it as well.”

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(Timestamp 7:40 for mobile viewers)

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Lupo goes on to explain that he got his first casting experience with Fortnite, and shows off some of the incredible collectibles he picked up during his time playing the game – including a Lego Rainbow Smash pickaxe that cost him $5,000.

Both Lupo and Dunlop mention that they “still love the game,” the latter adding he can still go on and enjoy Fortnite sometimes, but no longer in the way he could throughout 2018.

They also said that they would still be interested in casting if the opportunity presented itself but, with the likes of Warzone and Valorant being so popular right now, we’re not sure they’ll be heading back to Fortnite any time soon.

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