Muselk breaks obscure Fortnite world record without using weapons

YouTube: Muselk / Epic Games

Elliott ‘Muselk’ Watkins has set out on claiming a new Fortnite world record for himself by winning the most consecutive games without firing a single bullet, and by his accounts, he’s managed to smash it out of the park.

Muselk is no stranger to trying to break anything and everything related to Fortnite. Whether it’s a wacky glitch from within the game, or a random record someone has set, Muselk tasks himself with trying to break it.

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Now, the Australian YouTuber may have just added another quirky gem to his illustrious Fortnite crown. He set out to break the world record for “how many games you can win in a row without using a single weapon,” and by his numbers, he did just that.

Epic Games
Muselk didn’t fire a single bullet in his quest for a new Fortnite world record.

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In an April 9 video, Muselk detailed just how he set about breaking this rather obscure record. According to his research, it was three wins with no weapons ⁠— which can be traced back to Tim ‘Bizzle’ Miller’s attempt during the Fortnite World Cup in 2019.

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“Step 1: we get max material. Step 2: we head down to the swamp and get as many fish as we can. Step 3: we use the fish to win the game.”

He admitted it was “easier said than done,” but after weeks of trying, he was determined. His previous attempts had all been thwarted after being “inevitably stream sniped” by viewers as he tried to set the record live on broadcast.

Watch previous world record holder Bizzle set the bar.

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However, as soon as he made the switch to offline, Muselk’s fortunes turned in his favor. He found his groove ⁠— farming materials, getting fish, finding a helicopter, and floating above the final circle.

One win turned into two, and he was getting momentum to take Bizzle’s record away. While he did have to use his pickaxe to secure a kill in one game, he otherwise did it without drawing blood, nailing five games in a row to set a record.

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His sixth game was cut short rather unceremoniously, getting flanked and taken down very early in the game before he could farm up his materials. However, he set out, and did what he wanted to do.

Watch Muselk’s world record-breaking attempt below.

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While there’s no continuous stream to make sure that he didn’t cut out any games in between, by all accounts, his record will hold true.

It’ll take a dedicated player to try and topple it. However, now that Muselk has revealed his strat book, it might not be long until someone comes along and tries to challenge him for it.

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