Major Fortnite FPS problems revealed and how to avoid them

Daniel Cleary
A bush in Fortnite

An unusual Fortnite bug has been found with bushes that are scattered around the map, causing players to endure massive FPS (frames per second) drops when hiding their character inside of them.

[jwplayer BbiWbi4j]The map in Fortnite is constantly evolving, with major changes introduced to the island at the start of almost every season in the popular battle royale.

While much has changed since the game’s launch, there are some points-of-interest and map features that have surprisingly stuck around over the years.

Bush consumable in fortnite
Fortnite bushes were a Legendary consumable item before being vaulted in Chapter 2.

One of those features is the bushes that can be found across the map, allowing players to take cover inside and potentially outplay their opponents using this neat hiding spot.

Bushes were first included as part of the environment, however, they were also made to be a legendary consumable item in Chapter 1 and could be equipped to provide cover on the fly.

The consumable version of the feature was vaulted after they were made useless with the recent addition of bigger bushes, in Chapter 2, which now seem to be causing players to suffer some unusual framerate bugs in-game.

Fortnite player u/justukasz posted a short clip of the issues on Reddit, revealing that they would lose over a third of their framerate when hiding in or even facing these Chapter 2 map features.


“Basically you get some massive fps drops when being or looking at a bush, so if you’re struggling with fps make sure to stay away from bushes,” the Fortnite fan explained, warning others to avoid them if possible.

How to avoid FPS drops

The post received a lot of support from other players, who had also been affected by these issues, and one user claimed that these “massive FPS drops” would be particularly noticeable for those with a GPU-bound PC.

This is not the first bug that to have a significant effect on the frame rate in Fortnite, as it was also revealed that some of the Season 3 skins, such as the ‘Blaze’ Renegade Raider set, were also causing players’ FPS to plummet.

So, you’ll want to avoid bushes at all costs, and stay away from the Renegade Raider set to keep your FPS smooth.

As of now, Epic Games have not yet responded to any of the recent issues, although it is likely they will look to address some of the bugs in later updates.