Fortnite Season 3 Blaze skin allegedly causes major FPS issues

Daniel Cleary

Fortnite players have called on Epic Games to address bugs with new Season 3 character cosmetics, such as the Blaze skin, after they were seemingly found to cause significant FPS issues in the popular battle royale title.

[jwplayer F3fkHUJH]Fortnite offers players a huge selection of in-game cosmetics, which can be purchased or earned through completing challenges, allowing players to customize their character to their liking before dropping into a match.

However, it was revealed that some of the new cosmetic items in Season 3 may actually be having a negative effect on the overall gameplay experience, following reports of framerate issues that may be tied to the new skins.

Fortnite fans have seemingly experienced FPS issues with the new Season 3 skins.

Epic Games introduced a ton of changes in Fortnite’s long-awaited Season 3, including a flooded map, new weapons, and even more character skins and cosmetics for players to unlock.

Although Season 3 features some incredible designs, one Fortnite player, Dety0, who is known for sharing tips on improving FPS in the Epic’s battle royale, claimed that there were problems with some of the latest skins.

Dety0 highlighted issues with the lava-themed ‘Blaze’ skin, in particular, a variant of the classic Renegade Raider character which had returned to Fortnite’s Item Shop, adding that it could lower in-game frame rate anywhere between 30-70 FPS when equipped.

“The new [Season] 3 Blaze Skin + Backbling lowers your FPS anywhere from 30-70 FPS, and the same happens if your teammate/enemy wears it,” he added.

After it was revealed that this FPS bug was even taking place for players who were near an enemy or teammate with the skin, Fortnite star Nick Eh 30 was among those to voice concerns over the issue.

The streamer simply asked if players with cosmetics such as the Blaze skin had to be in your field-of-vision to affect the frame rate, which Dety0 later confirmed to be the case.

While simpler skins such as the default characters supposedly have fewer issues with editing delay and frame rate lag in Fortnite, there is little that can be done to stop others from choosing this skin and affecting the gameplay of their fellow players.

Although many Fortnite fans have called on Epic devs to address this issue, they have not yet commented on the bizarre frame rate bugs.

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