Leaked in-game footage of unreleased Fortnite skins, items, and emotes from v7.30 update

Albert Petrosyan

Data miners have discovered an leaked in-game footage of most of the new Fortnite Battle Royale cosmetic items and emotes found in the v7.30 game files.

As is usually the case when a major update goes live in Fortnite, data miners will go through the new game files and look for any new cosmetic items or content that may have been added for future release.

Having already leaked the names, rarities, images, and in-game descriptions of some of the new items added via the v7.30 update, footage of how these cosmetics look in-game has now surfaced online. 

The new footage is of four outfit skins, one glider, five pickaxes, one wrap, and five emotes, all of which came about after the v7.30 update went live on January 29.

The footage of the skins, glider, wrap, and pickaxes comes courtesy of prominent Fortnite data miners @ShiinaBR, who has consistently proven to be a reliable source for all battle royale news and leaks. 


The Prisoner (Legendary)  Unchained, and out to restore balance

Padlock (Back-Bling)  Locked Down

Kitbash (Epic) Show ’em what you’re made of

Trash Lid (Back-Bling) Put a lid on it

Sparkplug (Rare) Scrap the competition

Scrappy (Back Bling)Barking out of the Boneyard

Honor Guard – Battle with honor


Extra Cheese (Epic) Slice through the sky


Cold Hearted (Rare) No love lost

Frozen Beak (Rare) Break the ice

Marshy Smasher (Rare) – Spread some joy

Squid Striker (Rare) – Speak softly and carry a giant squid

TBD Pickaxe – Part of the new exclusive content leaked to be coming to Fortnite Founders in the near future.


Golden Clouds Wrap (Rare)


The in-game footage for the following five emotes comes courtesy of another prominent Fortnite data miner named JH9, who has published a lot of his leaked content on Instagram. 

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