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LazarBeam reveals glitch to spawn infinite bots and break Fortnite

Published: 19/Jan/2020 14:48

by Connor Bennett


Popular YouTuber Lannan ‘LazarBeam’ Eacott managed to break Fortnite by spawning 1000 bots with a little help from his pals in a bid to run some extreme tests. 

While many Fortnite players will opt to stick with what they know in the battle royale and Save the World modes, others spread their wings a little more and push the game to its edge – coming up with genius ideas in creative mode.

However, there’s also another mode called ‘battle lab’ that some players have been using to see how much it takes to make the game crash. One such player is LazarBream, as the popular Australian content creator expanded on his earlier tests by exploiting a glitch that allows you to spawn more than the maximum number of bots.

An image of three Fortnite characters posing.
Epic Games
Fortnite Season 2 has allowed players to add bots to their games through Battle Lab.

In his test, the Aussie teamed up a few of his friends to see if a glitch to spawn infinite bots was still active and if so, how many would it take to completely ruin the game. Unsurprisingly, it didn’t take much time at all – with the YouTuber’s game clearly struggling with nearly 200 bots standing about. 

On the way to 250 though, he encountered some issues, with the game coming to a grinding halt. Though, that didn’t stop him from getting back in and trying to break the 1000 bot mark. After encountering a few more issues along the way, he finally made it to his goal without the game immediately caving in. 

“There are so many bots, I don’t think they can even register that I’m even here,” LazarBeam said, before moving on to his next round of tests – including dropping them off a platform and trying to make the bots fight in teams.

Unfortunately, trying those experiments with 1000 proved to be an issue as the YouTuber stated that whenever he’d travel across the map, his game would immediately crash. 

The tests did, however, work with 300 friendly bots – though dropping them from a great height onto a set of bounce pads did seem to impact his frames in the worst possible way. So, if you’re thinking about trying it for yourself, just be warned.


Fortnite players discover a new instant-death glitch on the map

Published: 21/Nov/2020 14:02

by Joe Craven


Fortnite players have been reporting bizarre deaths in cars as they drive round Chapter 2’s map. Epic Games have responded, but it’s not yet clear how close to a patch they are. 

Any battle royale game of Fortnite’s size is bound to impacted by a bug or two from time to time. Generally, the game’s developers have done a good job of keeping issues to a minimum, but there is so much content to keep an eye on.

One set of bugs, though, that have had more life than others are instant death glitches.

Back in Chapter 1 we saw players randomly killed when exploring the greenery around Tilted Towers, and Chapter 2’s version of the instant-death glitch seems to relate to being in a car around the Holly Hedges area of the map.

Holly Hedges Nursery for Groot Challenges
Epic Games
Holly Hedges has been a POI since Chapter 2’s first season.

On November 20, one Redditor posted their issue, explaining that they have been randomly dying while driving around the Holly Hedges area of the map. Attached was a screenshot showing the player finishing 41st after an untimely (and very random) death.

While not garnering too much attention, the post appeared to relate to an issue other users have been having too, making an instant death-spot the likely cause.

So if you drive a car in holy hedges near yellow house to the side you die from FortNiteBR

Thankfully, Epic themselves were on hand to provide an update, explaining that they are aware of the issue and are trying to root out a cause and patch. “Thanks for flagging this, u/Mablemon!” one dev replied. “Our QA team has been investigating cases like this.”

Unfortunately, the Epic response appears to indicate that they have not yet been able to isolate exactly what is causing the problem, so a fix doesn’t seem imminent just yet.
Needless to say, though, that Epic will be doing everything they can to fix the issue promptly given how it can quite literally ruin a player’s match. For a full look at all the issues they’re tracking right now, head over to their dedicated Fortnite Trello page.