John Cena finally teases Fortnite skin months after Peacemaker collab leaks

. 5 months ago
Peacemaker next to Fortnite logo
Epic Games / HBO / DC Comics

Is John Cena coming to Fortnite? Months after a new DC Comics crossover leaked online, the WWE legend and star of Peacemaker himself has now teased his arrival in the Epic Games battle royale.

The next big mainstream celebrity appears to be on the way to Fortnite. Following close behind The Rock’s arrival as The Foundation, John Cena is seemingly next to drop in.

With Chapter 3 Season 1 now in focus, exciting bundles are appearing in the store almost every week. Some are crossovers with popular video games while others even cast a spotlight on a few musicians.

Next up could very well be a fresh TV show collaboration, if leaks hold true. Months after a potential Suicide Squad bundle leaked, Cena himself has now teased that Peacemaker could soon be dropping into Fortnite.

Following the success of 2021’s Suicide Squad reboot, Peacemaker’s story was fleshed out in its own TV show on HBO Max. 

While Bloodsport got his own skin back in August to promote the movie, and Harley Quinn has received multiple designs over the years, no other characters from the Suicide Squad made it into Fortnite — until now.

Cena’s Instagram page is full of speculation at the best of times. The decorated WWE star shares random images “without explanation”. However, a February 16 post needed little guesswork from the community.

A picture of Fortnite’s Chapter 3 cinematic featured on his Instagram, teasing his seemingly imminent arrival in the game. No doubt it’s indicative of a Peacemaker skin, opposed to a wrestling bundle with a regular John Cena design.


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For the time being, there’s little else to go off. We still don’t have a clear release date in mind for Peacemaker’s entry in Fortnite, nor do we know what else may be included in the upcoming bundle.

Be sure to check back over the coming days, however, as we’ll keep you updated as further details emerge.

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