Fortnite The End reveals Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson as The Foundation

fortnite the rock the foundationEpic Games

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is The Foundation, Fortnite’s mysterious interdimensional traveler that’s the integral cog in the battle royale’s overarching story.

With mysteries still abound in Epic Games’ battle royale, one of the game’s worst-kept secrets is finally official: The Rock is in Fortnite. The international movie star was fully revealed during Chapter 2’s The End event and could play a pivotal role in Chapter 3.

At the apex of Fortnite’s transition to its new era, Epic did away with any speculation by revealing the true identity of The Foundation. That’s the moment Johnson’s face and iconic eyebrow raise graced every players’ screen.

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The reveal also confirmed long-held fan theories that The Rock would someday be included in Fortnite given very obvious clues to suggest as much.

The Rock in Fortnite

the rock fortniteEpic Games
The Rock is now in Fortnite.

The End was just the beginning of The Rock’s time in Fortnite. His character, the Foundation, came just in time to save Jonesy and continue the epic saga of The Zero Point.

Lore aside, this was a long time coming for fans. Johnson had dropped a few teases and one very clear-cut reference to the game’s mysterious character.

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But months passed as more questions started to pile up without any answers to what Epic was up to. The Rock’s March 16 teaser was leading up to this moment in Fortnite history as players suspected that there was something brewing.

(Timestamp at 5:07 for mobile viewers)

It’s unclear to what extent the Rock’s voice-over talents will be used throughout the next Chapter, but The Foundation and The Seven have been the linchpin of every major event in the story so far.

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Everything will change in Fortnite Chapter 3. Players are going to get a new island to explore and, with any luck, a deeper look into what role The Foundation will play.

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