Is a Fortnite x Overwatch 2 crossover happening? New spray sparks speculation

fortnite overwatch 2 crossoverEpic Games/Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch 2 and Fortnite fans are on alert after a new spray added to the battle royale seems to be heavily inspired by an existing OW spray.

Fortnite is the reigning king of crossovers with content from just about every property you can think of being included in the game as some point. From Batman to Star Wars – Fortnite has seemingly done it all.

With Overwatch 2, Blizzard is trying to get on that train as seen from the recent One Punch Man collaboration featuring skins and other cosmetics from the popular anime.

Now, fans are speculating that the worlds of Overwatch and Fortnite could collide thanks to a new ‘Hamster Cabbie’ spray that some players think is greatly inspired by the OW2 tank hero Hammond and his ‘Pilot’ spray.

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Fans speculate an Overwatch Fortnite crossover is coming

As originally spotted by Overwatch 2 Twitter page Cavalry, the new Fortnite spray is very similar to Wrecking Ball’s Pilot spray with both hamsters having their arms folded and looking menacing.

The discussion soon spread to the Fortnite community with HYPEX commenting, “Either Fortnite got a bit too inspired from Overwatch in the new spray, or maybe there’s an upcoming collab with them.”

In the comments, users began remarking about a potential crossover in the works with some even saying that the collab “needs to happen.”

“That can’t be a coincidence,” another chimed in.

However, not everyone is on board. Some players think that this was just a lazy copy and not a sign that the two games have something bigger planned in the future.

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Regardless, with Overwatch embracing crossovers for the first time and Fortnite paving the way, it’s always possible that something could be in the works at some point, but until then, it’s important to remember that nothing is confirmed yet.

Until then, be sure to keep it locked to Dexerto for all the latest OW2 and Fortnite news.