How to Find the Secret Fortnite Banner that Replaces the Battle Star for the Week 9 Road Trip Challenge

Ross Deason

Each week of Season 5 in Fortnite Battle Royale includes a bonus challenge. Here’s how to complete Week 9 Road Trip challenge!

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Usually, the secret item is a Battle Pass star which, once collected, grants you a free Battle Pass tier and gets you one step closer to unlocking a mystery skin.

However, the mystery Road Trip skin was revealed to be the “Enforcer” after seven weeks of challenges and is unlocked by playing those first seven weeks. So, in Week 8, Epic Games threw us a curveball by sending players to find a secret hidden Banner instead!

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The Week 9 Road Trip loading screen shows a female character touching the mysterious cube, another character being electrocuted it and a male character seemingly posing for a photo in front of the commotion.

It also shows that Week 9’s secret item will, once again, by a Banner of some sort.

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The image is clearly set on the low ground near the bridge to the southeast of Shifty Shafts. From the carving in the rock, at the back you can see that the secret Week 9 item will be another banner!

So, once you’ve completed all seven of the standard challenges, you simply need to land in the location marked on the map below and the secret Banner will appear:

While the Banners from Week 8 and 9 don’t grant you a free Battle Pass tier like the Battle Stars do, they are still a cool item to get your hands on and evidence that you’ve completed all of Season 5’s challenges so far.

The Road Trip challenge for Season 5 has been a big hit with players, much like the Blockbuster challenge from Season 4 that had similar rules.

You can almost guarantee that Epic Games has another mystery skin and set of bonus challenges lined up for Season 6.