How to Find the Secret Fortnite Banner that Replaced the Battle Star for the Week 8 Road Trip Challenge

There’s no secret Battle Star for Week 8 of the Road Trip challenge in Fortnite Battle Royale – it’s been replaced by a hidden Banner instead!

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One of the most common questions after the release of the Week 8, Season 5 challenges was “how can I find the secret Battle Pass Star for the Road Trip challenge?”.

The answer is you can’t, because there isn’t one. The Week 8 loading screen does still contain a hint to find a secret item, though, as you can see in the image below:

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The hint takes you to a free Tomato Head Banner near Tomato Temple which, when interacted with, is added to your inventory permanently.

The exact location of the Banner has originally shared on Reddit by cnote54321 and can be found below.

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While the Banner doesn’t grant you a free Battle Pass tier like the Battle Stars do, it is still a pretty cool item to get your hands on.

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The Season 5 Road Trip challenge was similar to the Season 4 Blockbuster challenge – players that completed all seven standard challenges for a given week could unlock a bonus challenge and find a Battle Star to work towards earning a special outfit.

Players needed to complete seven Road Trip challenges to unlock the outfit, which turned out to be the Ragnorak Outfit, but it looks like Epic Games want to make sure there is incentive to continue grinding out the challenges even when players have earned it.

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With Week 9 and 10 still to come, it will be interesting to see whether secret Banners will become the norm or whether each week will feature a new easter egg!