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How to Destroy Your Launchpad To Stop Enemies From Using It in Fortnite

Published: 3/Sep/2018 16:32 Updated: 3/Sep/2018 16:38

by Matt Porter


There might be nothing more infuriating in Fortnite Battle Royale than placing a launchpad, soaring across the map, landing at your new destination and getting shot from behind by an opponent that followed you using your own launchpad.

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However, a YouTuber and Fortnite player by the name of Taylor Doherty has found a simple solution to destroy any launch pads before any unwanted enemies can follow you.

The technique itself is relatively easy to grasp, but like everything, will take some time to master. Once you’ve built a ramp, place the launchpad on a floor piece. Turn and edit the ramp you just built, and turn it into a half-stair piece, facing away from the launchpad. As you jump onto the launchpad, hit confirm, and as you fly away, the disconnected floor piece with your launchpad on it will be destroyed


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While this strategy is definitely more defensive than an offensive one, it will be interesting to see how quickly players can use it, especially if they were being chased. 

Taylor’s new trick is yet another example of Fortnite players ingenuity, and their drive to find new ways to improve. Recently, another Fortnite player found a way to stop pyramids being used as an offensive weapon.

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Thanks to Playground mode, Fortnite players will have plenty of opportunities to practise their new skill, before they head out to the battlefield.

With your new skill, there’s no excuse for getting chased down by an enemy again!