Here’s How to Counter Pyramids in a Fortnite Build Battle

Matt Porter. Last updated: Aug 24, 2018

Twitch streamer and Fortnite player Grazca has come up with a solution to counter pyramids placed by enemies during build battles.

Players have been using placing pyramids from below to snare opponents who have built ramps above them, as a way to lure them into a trap, or buy time to build to the side and try and gain higher elevation.

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In the clip, Grazca shows how using a second row of ramps above your head stops enemies from placing pyramids on the ramp you are on, thus saving you from the dreaded elimination.

While the technique itself is difficult to put into words, Grazca does an excellent job using visuals to explain the solution in the video below.

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As building is such an important facet of the games mechanics, players are constantly creating and working on news to improve their building skills.

With that, players are constantly striving to find ways to counter the latest and greatest building strategies, like Grazca has done here.

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This new technique comes hot on the heels of a crazy week of Fortnite leaks, including new weapons, emotes and skins that were all released by dataminers.

With your new pyramid-stopping technique acquired, it’s time to hop into the Battle Bus, and see if your new skill can help you on your way to a Victory Royale!