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How to Complete the “Search Where the Stone Heads are Looking” Fortnite Challenge for Week 6 of Season 5

Published: 16/Aug/2018 13:23 Updated: 16/Aug/2018 13:24

by Ross Deason


One of the more confusing Fortnite Battle Royale challenges for Week 6 of Season 5 requires players to “search where the Stone Heads are looking”.

To complete the task, you’ll need to locate the various Stone Heads dotted around the map and work out where their lines of sight converge on the map.

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Or you could save yourself the time and effort involved in doing that and look at this guide which does all of the work for you.

The Stone Heads are looking towards a hill slightly southwest of Salty Springs and the position of the Battle Pass star can be seen below:


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To complete the challenge all you need to do is go to the location shown on the map and collect the star.

Remember to complete the game that you are playing by being eliminated or getting the victory royale. If you leave early, your challenge progress might not be applied correctly.

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If you’re still struggling, HyperClips – Fortnite on YouTube has uploaded a video tutorial which can be found below.

As this challenge is classed as “HARD”, you’ll get twice as much XP for completing it compared to normal challenges. It is also a free challenge so players that don’t own a Battle Pass will still be able to complete it.


Completing challenges is the quickest and easiest way of levelling up through the various tiers associated with Season 5. Players can unlock a plethora of skins, items and other cosmetics as a reward for levelling up.