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The Official Fortnite Battle Royale Challenges for Week 6 of Season 5 Have Been Revealed

Published: 16/Aug/2018 13:03

by Ross Deason


Epic Games has officially released the challenges for Week 6 of Season 5 in Fortnite Battle Royale.

As has been the case every week in Season 5 so far, Week 6’s challenges include three free tasks and four that will be exclusive for Battle Pass owners.

This week’s challenges, released on August 16, range from harvesting building materials with a pickaxe to completing timed trials and searching “where the stone heads are looking”.

Three of the challenges are classed as “HARD”, meaning that you will gain twice as much XP from completing them as opposed to the others.

Completing all seven of Week 6’s challenges will unlock the bonus “Road Trip” challenge. All you need to do is find a secret Battle Pass star to unlock a free Battle Pass tier.

This will be the penultimate week for the Road Trip challenge. Completing all seven will grant players access to the mystery “Road Trip” skin.

The full list of challenges for Week 6 of Season 5 is as follows:


  • Deal Headshot damage to opponents (500)
  • Harvest building resources with a pickaxe (3000)
  • Search where the Stone Heads are looking (1) – HARD


  • Search chests in Lonely Lodge (7)
  • Complete timed trials (5)
  • Minigun or Light Machine Gun Eliminations (2) – HARD
  • Eliminate opponents in Tilted Towers (3) – HARD

Where to catch fish at Heart Lake for Fortnite’s Week 10 challenge

Published: 29/Oct/2020 13:55

by Daniel Cleary


The tenth week of Fortnite’s Chapter 2, Season 4 challenges has arrived and one of the tasks requires you to catch fish at Heart Lake. Here’s what you’ll need to complete this challenge.

The Fortnitemares event is finally underway once again and Midas has returned to take control over the Agency, appearing for the first time in-game since he flooded the island with the Device event in Season 2.

Along with many of the new changes that have been added for the Halloween event, Epic Games has now also released the final week of challenges for players to tackle in-game.

Stark industries POI in fortnite
Epic Games
Players will need to go to the lake near Stark Industries for Week 10.

Fortnite players can expect to see plenty of straightforward tasks in Week 10, similar to ones that we have had in previous weeks, but there is one challenge that can be quite frustrating to complete if you don’t know where to go.

While some of the tasks are based around gathering materials or searching chests around the map, Epic have added one which requires you to Catch fish at Heart Lake, a new unnamed location that can be tricky to find.

Here’s what you’ll need to find Heart Lake and complete the weekly fishing challenge.

How to Catch Fish at Heart Lake in Fortnite

  1. Find and loot a Fishing Rod or Harpoon Gun in Fortnite.
  2. Make your way to the lake near the new Stark Industries POI, in Upstate New York.
  3. Catch a fish from the lake using the Fishing Rod or Harpoon.
  4. Repeat this process until you have caught the three fish needed to complete the task.
Fortnite location in map season 4
Epic Games
Heart Lake location in Fortnite.

So, there you have it, once you catch all three fish you should be rewarded with XP to help you complete the Season 4 battle pass. You can also find the rest of the Week 10 tasks on our challenge hub.

Although this is meant to be the final set of challenges, with Fortnite’s v14.50 update on the way next week, it is possible that even more challenges will be added before the season ends.