Here’s the perfect way to cure Fortnite’s Rocket Launcher problem

Alan Bernal
Epic Games

The Fortnite v7.20 Content Update on January 25 featured a big change for the game’s Rocket Launchers, making them a pain to the community ever since. But one change could return the weapon to its former glory.

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The Rocket Launcher has been in Fortnite since the beginning but a recent update brought a slew of problems with the RPG weapon which has made some fans feel it’s time to vault the item.

In a post, Reddit user ‘VenomViper300’ created a chart that explains a simple change to how the RPG’s blast inflicts damage which would make the weapon significantly better to play against.

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The change would implement a blast radius that would reduce the damage taken depending how far you are from the rocket’s epicenter.

VenonViper thinks that the RPGs simply do too much damage with the minimal amount of aim required to get a good shot off.

Their change would see the Rocket Launcher deal its base damage of 121 at the point of explosion, but have a rapidly decreasing damage value the further from the center the target is located.

Such a change would force the wielder to line up the best shot, instead of aiming in the general direction of the target knowing they will inflict the full force of the blast.

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Epic Games
The Rocket Launcher does tons of damage without having to do much.

The change would also remedy early game woes the weapon brings. The change would make it so players unfortunate enough to go against a Rocket Launcher at the start of the game wouldn’t be instantly sentenced to death, when shields and heals haven’t generally been picked up yet.

The idea is simple, but could go a long way to mitigating the damage the recent update to the weapon brought onto Fortnite.